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Carlotta - February 2005 - Humboldt County

A park ranger chatting with us last year mentioned that he thought the best place to buy a house would be Carlotta which is in the warm belt just above the Avenue of the Giants.

He said the sawmill would be closing down there in the near future and that would present the best buying opportunity. Intrigued, we visited Carlotta. The mill had not closed but they had laid off nearly all the workers when they automated several months ago.

We discovered that the median home price in Humboldt County was $273,000 and only 20% of the people who live there could afford a house at this price. I called on a Carlotta house with a For Sale sign - $650,000.

We spent the night in the only motel in Rio Dell, just North of the Avenue of the Giants. It was economical but I don't recommend it. We had much more fun the night before at Miranda Gardens in the small town of Miranda, just south of the Avenue of the Giants.

We stayed in cottage #4 which has both a fireplace and a whirlpool bath. Yummy. The cafe across the street served surprisingly good Italian food and great breakfasts. It was full on a rainy Sunday morning in February so get there when they open at 8 a.m.

Next trip we want to get all the way to Albee Campground near the Rockefeller grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The magnificient trees have been there since prehistoric time and walking among them really helps me regain my perspective on the relative importance of things in my life.