We paddled really hard for several hours through the wind before stopping to make camp. Vincent got us to build a nice bonfire. Click on the photos of us hudding into groups to see a larger picture. Maybe we'll look warmer!

Jaime gave us all a talk about getting up early but the next morning he slept late so Vincent turned on the charm and got permission to start the coffee himself on the subsequent mornings.

We paddled hard the second morning, but didn't get to Spyrock until nearly 2 in the afternoon. Mercifully, the wind was not blowing as strongly as the day before. We enjoyed lounging on the warm rocks while lunch was prepared, then Jaime gave us our first talk about the possibility of not being able to get all the way to Alderpoint by Sunday.

Roger became a "rock star" that afternoon. Hester, Vincent and I were among those tossed from the raft when we bounced into a rock at the bottom of a rapid. Because we were so chilled, we stopped and made camp soon thereafter.



Jaime finally gets outta the bag.