Cold and shaken from the swim, we realized we had no backup plan to get off the river.

The chilling swim focused Vincent and he saw that scouting would be faster by simply hiking down the railroad tracks that paralleled the river. His son Snuller set out with Jaimie to see what they could find.

On the way back, Snuller tumbled down the railroad cliff but was patched up in camp. They had managed to find "Mr. Mike" at Bell Springs Road. Jaime proclaimed that he would contact Mr. Mike again "the first thing in the morning."

It was Friday night and we hadn't gone much past spy rock. My hopes of getting to Alderpoint by Sunday were fading.

The next morning, Saturday, we had a leisurely breakfast (see photo right) even though Jaimie was supposed to leave "first thing" to find Mr. Mike.

Vincent and Jerry set out on foot for the next rapid which was about a half-mile below camp so they could take pictures of the kayakers coming through. We didn't know that Mr. Mike and Bell Springs Road was only about two miles downstream.

But instead of setting off for a day of paddling as we expected, Scott took us only a a few hundred yards to a rocky sidecreek and urged us to hike up the creek at about 11 a.m. Vincent and Jerry watched in bewilderment from downstream.



Scott really knew how to paddle!

Rock Star!



Vincent, coffee, and
interesting rock in background