Vincent and Jerry waited in vain all morning for us to reach the first little rapid and were pretty perturbed to have to hike back UPSTREAM for lunch. The crew had set up Saturday lunch just a stone's throw from where we spent Friday night.

Jaimie spent the morning hanging around the lunch table with the staff. He did not set off to find Mr. Mike until 2 p.m.!

Rock Star 2 - Roger attempts the first little rapid Saturday after lunch

So far we had covered less than a half-mile.

The crew packed up and we set off again for the same little rapid. If dumping us out of the raft yesterday was Rock Star 1 for Roger, this was Rock Star 2 as he got stuck again.

We got out of the boats and threw him a line (left). He didn't budge.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Roger. He has abandoned his oars and is reaching for the rope.

The crew went to the far shore to help. Even the dog swam across. They pulled in the other direction and finally got him loose.

Scott just sailed through!