Javascript Project 1
Intro page: HTML5, CSS3 gradients, javascript style switch. Extra credit: pop-up box
Javascript Project 2
Both CSS and JS in sub-directories. On/Off uses "!" instead of instructor example.
Javascript Project 3 - Cool Clock
Cool clock, disc style, digital clock with js in separate file, gradient header that changes at 5 am, noon, 5pm, 9 pm. Cool Clock
Javascript Project 4 - Slideshows
Two pages: Quebec-triptych and
Javascript Project 5 - Character and Word counter
Word counter for SEO pay
Javascript Project 6 - Drop Down Menu
Simple Javascript menu with dynamic AJAX loader
jQuery Project 7 - Influenza Buttons
Only a few buttons work, but I made a jQuery mobile web site
jQuery Project 8 - Animated Banner Accordian Divs
Refined ease out, refined color, refined corners, refined quotations
jQuery Project 9 - Tabs, Tags, Buttons
Themeroller themes, tabs, dialog button, jump button, autocomplete form.
JSON Project 10 - Flicker Feed
JSON to Flicker api generated kitten feed. No gallery.
jQuery Forms Project 11 - Tabbed Contact Form
Self-validating contact form with popup datepicker calendar, microformatted exploding dialog box on appointment confirmation.
jQuery Maps Project 12 - Google Maps Tab on Contact Form
Custom UI theme, buttons, City drop-down on Contact tab is alphabetized, working directions.




Other Javacript Links
see also Google docs page
JS Minifier
condense your code to only a few lines
JS Beautifier
converts javascript to easy-to-read, easy-to-maintain

CSS Homework 2006