Anet Dunne

Long ago I left KPIX to write TV scripts, sell the first T-1s to ISPs, learn to paddle, learn to build websites, and to return to selling advertising to businesses. Only now, it's Google advertising.

Paris 2012

Six days in May. Here are some French Resources I used to prepare, and a slideshow of the Treasures of the Louvre. Another slideshow experiment Paris 2003 with my sister Peggy.

Cruise Montreal and Quebec 2010

And check out the fancy place we stayed in Quebec.

Monterey 2009

A Thanksgiving getaway.

Canadian Rockies 2006

This link goes to another site. This slideshow was an experiment.

London 2006

Another Thanksgiving trip, with a visit to Jill in Totnes. Peg and I were in London in 2003. Another slideshow experiment.

Various Other Links

Turning 60, Turning 30.
Eel River Trip
Navarro River
Kitchen Remodel
Landscaping the front
Ken and Mike
Cameron and Mark