Portola Hotel


Howard and Anet had a few days off for Thanksgiving, so we checked out the Secret Lives of Seahorses at the MontereyBayAquarium. org.

This is a leafy sea dragon, one of more than 15 of species of seahorses on display. The permanent display of Jellyfish was eye-popping, and we watched the Staurday morning feeding of the open-ocean fish like hammerhead sharks, mahi-mahi, tuna, and schools of sardines.

We got a king room for $90/night through Priceline at the Portola Hotel because no one starts a convention the day after Thanksgiving!

Monterey Monterey

Great places to eat were the Crown & Anchor with authentic pub grub, single malt scotch, and British bread pudding desserts. We had a fabulous dinner at the Monterey Fish House because someone tipped us off to get in line well before they opened at 5 p.m. First rate and reasonably priced.

The fountain below is in the Custom House Plaza where you will find the Maritime Museum of Monterey where we saw bits of history from the whaling and fishing industry days, including a mockup of a captain's cabin. Lots of fun things to see. Great trip!