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A medieval wall dominates Totnes, a town filled with some of the best examples of Elizabethan architecture in England. Dr. Gillian Dunne and her partner, Shirley, moved here after Gill won a position in the Sociology Dept at the University of Plymouth (see map below). The old wall surrounds the garden of Gill and Shirley's home (above). Their slate wall and roof have hand-shaped tiles which are larger on the bottom courses and narrower at the top to give the illusion of height. The single window high in the slate wall is Gill's study which overlooks the beautiful Devon countryside.

Anet Dunne Totnes

Steep streets are topped with a citadel dating back to Roman times. Totnes is on the river Dart, 15 minutes from the moors of Dartmoor National Park, and 15 minutes from the sea (Dartmouth). Shirley has written an article about Totnes's ancient spring of healing waters that soothed lepers in days of yore.

Totnes has two arches and this one dominates a street lined with shops filled with handmade goods. We had a great lunch at a French Bistro and followed it with splendid Devon Cream Tea in a shop where everyone knew Gill.

Gill is still recovering from the bicycle accident of several years ago. The head injury left her with epilepsy which is controlled by medication. Unfortunately, the medication worsens the residual shoulder and back pain that interferes with her ability to work in front of a computer. Recent surgery has restored the range-of-motion to her right shoulder. She regrets having lost contact with so many old friends during the job change, move, and the death of her father, and invites you to write to her using the e-mail link.

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